What is

Concendo is a new way to allocate grants to recipents.

It uses innovative algorithms to work out the best applications and minimise the work load of both the grant sponsor and reciepients.

Who can use it?

Concendo is designed to be used by grant sponsors. But the benefits of Concendo is not just the sponsors.

Most grant processes involve spending lots of time in writing the application for an audience that they haven't met. For many small busineeses and other small orgaisations, this is a barrier that means getting funding is hard.

Once the grants are written, they are then reviewed by a team of people that often don't have enough time to go through each application in extreme detail. If they are granted the time, this means that the process takes a long time.

Concendo solves these issues by transfering some or all of the review process to the applicants themselves. The applicants benefit by both having the process faster and the audience is their peers. This ensures that the most deserving applications rise to the top with less deserving applications dropping down regards of the quality of the application.

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Below you'll find the answers to our most asked questions

Do I have to complete the Review process?

Yes. The review process allows us to effectively sort the applications in order of worthiness. A normal grant process has the grant owner completing this step at great cost to themselves. By allowing the applicants to do this, the time required to administer the grant is reduced and the applicants have a direct say in who is most deserving of the grant.

How do you deal with applicants trying to game the system?

Each applicants results are combined with the others. Once the results are agrigaated, they are compared with each applicant. The applicants score is adjusted by how close they are to the other results. Those that are very close are rewarded and those that are far away have their score reduced.

How much time should I expect to spend reviewing applications?

As a rule of thumb, the time to review all the applications should be around the same time as the expected time to write the application. It is likely tthat most applicants will spend less time than this, so this should be taken into account as to what is required to be filled out.

How many applications will I have to review?

Each grant can choose the number of applications that will be reviewed. We advise that no more than 10 applications should be reviewed. For particularly complex grants and applications, fewer than that may be appropriate.

How can we reward certain answers to the qualifing questions?

When setting out the questions, you can set if there is a specific bonus for answers to questions. This will mean that answers to these questions will increase the score of those applications after the reviews are completed.

How much does this system cost?

Concendo is priced based on the total allocation of the grant in question. This is used as a measure to match both the effort required to process the applications as well as the number of applications made.

Concendos is currently priced at 1% of the total grant allocation (for grants that distrubute money). For grants that are time based, $10 per unit of time is used. The minimum fee for any grant is $500.

Discounts are avaliable for certain grants. Please contact us for more details.

Can you add feature X?

Concendo is still very young. We are always after feedback to help us implement features that are actually useful. Please contact us and we will investigate how such a feature can be used.

Do you offer discounts?

Yes, for grants supporting science and learning, Concendos may allow grant a one off or a blanket discount. Please contact us for more details.

Is there supporting studies for this system?

This system is based on a paper here and a good explaination via this video. Concendo appricates the effort of the Scientists involved and will offer discounts for grants supporting science and learning.

Do you support other allocations (EG Time rather than Money)?

Some grants may allow for the division of time rather than money. Concendos supports this at a fixed rate per allocation. If there is another allocation that Concendo doesn’t support, please contact us and we will investigate adding it.

As a Grant Owner what is the process?

Firstly, the grant is created. The basic details are filled in including how the total value of the grant is worth. Then questions for the applicants are added. Documents can then be uploaded as well as setting out what documents the applicants need to upload. Once the grant is ready, applications can be accepted. The applicants now apply for the grant.

At this point, optionally, applications can be excluded by the grant sponsor. If the applications are managed by another system, a csv file with the application details can be uploaded

The applications are then provisioned and sent for Ranking. The applicants now rank the applications from best to last.

Once the ranks are complete, the system will sort the applications from best to worst. Those applications that were closest to the final ranking will recieve a small boost to their final ranking. Those that were wrong will be pushed down the ranking.

A final review of the applications can now be done and the assignment of resources based on the final ranking can be fulfilled.

As a Grant Applicant what is the process?

The applicants first select this grant to apply for. This might be a direct link or via the search mechanism. The applicants then fill in the questions and upload the documents.

When the applications are sent for Ranking, the applicants now rank the applications from best to last. Each applicant will review approximately 10 applications.

Once the ranks are complete, the system will sort the applications from best to worst. Those applications that were closest to the final ranking will recieve a small boost to their final ranking. Those that were wrong will be pushed down the ranking.

The applications are then finalised and awarded.

What is the benfit of Concendo?

Aside from the grant itself, the admin of awarding the grants is significant. This is particulalry true for large grants. It is hard for a single person or team to produce a list of worthy grants while also being impartial.

Concendo solves this problem by having the people that benifit from the grant rank them as well.

How are allocations assigned to applications?

Applications are assigned randomly. The applicants that are reviewing can declare a conflict of interest and get a replacement application. This means that applicants are assigned fairly.

Can I export the results?

Yes, both the raw data and the uploaded files can be downloaded. This allows for offline management of the grants and applications as well as allowing flexible reporting.

Is this a replacement for a Grant Manager System?

At this stage, Concendos doesn’t completely replace a Grant Management System. Concendo can be used stand alone or using the tools that Concendo provide.

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